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What is the
Spin Challenge!?

It’s an easy, fun and creative way to make a difference! You simply select or invent a way to spin… video your spin for 7-10 seconds… make a small donation here… then forward your video to family, friends, teammates, and co-workers, letting everyone know that you’re “spinning to save kids”!

Your donation will help the “Institute for Advanced Clinical Trials for Children” (I-ACT) protect our kids. I-ACT is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to advancing and accelerating Children’s Clinical Trials!

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How or What
to Spin?

Here are some fun ways (and objects!) to consider:
Wheels… cycling, biking, riding, skateboarding!
Balls… basketballs, footballs, baseballs, volleyballs!
Sports… skating, cheerleading, gymnastics, wrestling!
Dance… modern, jazz, ballroom, ballet!
Kids Games… Frisbee, hula hoop, yo-yo’s, tire swings!
Anything goes… make it up or build it and spin… challenge your family, friends, teammates and co-workers to spin, too… and make a small donation to support
I-ACT’s critical work on behalf of children!

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When to Spin?

Spin in January, spin in February… or spin on Friday, March 3rd, Saturday, March 4th, or Sunday, March 5th, when scores of pediatricians, pediatric nurses, pediatric social workers and others who care deeply about children will visit Disney World to call attention to the need to advance Children’s Clinical Trials by riding Disney’s Spinning Tea Cups for 3 days, during which time they will establish the world record for continuous, compassionate spinning! In addition to challenging pediatricians, bio-pharma companies, clinical research organizations and others involved in advancing Children’s Clinical Trials, they will also challenge you!

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About the Institute
for Advanced
Clinical Trials
for Children (I-ACT)

I-ACT is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to advancing and accelerating Children’s Clinical Trials. Here’s what your contribution supports:

Facts First… I-ACT is the nation’s leading private nonprofit clearing house for information about Children’s Clinical Trials.

Public Education… I-ACT proactively educates the medical profession, public and media about the state of Children’s Clinical Trials, and enlists their support as advocates.

Advocacy… I-ACT builds public and private partnerships and coalitions in support of Children’s Clinical Trials, and advocates at the federal level.

Direct Services… I-ACT strategically facilitates Children’s Clinical Trials.

Resource Development… I-ACT engages the public in activities designed to raise awareness and material resources to keep the issue at the forefront of the medical world.

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I-ACT for Children is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring every child with a medical need receives timely access to the best therapies. We are an independent organization that believes children of all ages deserve innovative medical therapies developed with the same level of urgency and commitment afforded adults.

I-ACT for Children relies on financial contributions from individuals, groups and organizations.

Thank you in advance for your interest and support in timely pediatric research.

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